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  • Testimony is over, but Steve's not done fighting to get local control of our pensions. Click to join him: ,
  • More cops on the street, better roads and traffic, and less debt. Possibilities are endless with and ,
  • These decisions don’t just affect pensions. If we get we could get real reform at the local level ,
  • Houstonians should be able to craft our own solution, not leave our fate in the hands of leaders from totally different parts of the state,
  • We owe it to both employees and taxpayers to have a fair and sustainable pension system that won’t crowd out vital city services,

Meet Steve

Steve Costello is a husband, father and grandfather who loves Houston more than any place on Earth, and wants it to be the best it can be for your kids and grandkids. While Steve believes Houston is the greatest city in the nation, he also recognizes that we can, and must, do better.

That is why as your next mayor, Steve will work to fix our roads and traffic, prioritize our public safety, and protect taxpayer money.

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Stephen Costello

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